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All delivery periods during Covid-19 pandemic are not subject to regular international delivery times we declared.Please CLICK for more information.
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Covid-19 Shipping Information

by Backwoods Online on June 10, 2020

Announcement to whole Backwoods Online family.

***All delivery periods during Covid-19 pandemic are not subject to regular international delivery times we declared. All shipments are delivered with delays during this period. Tracking status is decided by the Postal Service in the destination country. 
Backwoods Online are not quoting a delivery time during Covid-19 period.
Please note that all orders are under delivery guarantee of Backwoods Online.

Please consider this information when placing your orders.

***Orders which have already been dispatched might not be delivered to the recipients door because of Covid-19. 
In case this happens recipient should go to local post office and collect their packages. 
Please check your emails and track your orders.

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